Plastic Wire Spool

We mainly selling Plastic Wire Spool Plastic Wire Reel etc. And we are very competitive in the current market, the quality of our Plastic Wire Spool leading the country. The most important thing is that we base on client profit.

Plastic Wire Spool Description

Ningbo Beilun Tiaoyue Machine Co., Ltd. can make kinds of plastic spools according to customer's drawing or samples.


Our plastic spools can be used for a variety of applications. Some of these applications include:

wire& cable

insulated wire
jewelry wire
leather cord
electrical wire
fiber optic cable
picture hanging wire
kite line
Ideal for:
Building/ insulated wire

Communications cable-category wire applications
Low-voltage wire
older Ribbon and tape
Rope Monofilament



Three-piece wire reels feature plastic flanges bolted to a plastic barrel,
create a durable, dimensionally true and splinter-free reel. Flange diameters
range from 265mm to 1000mm with adjustable barrel traverses.

User benefits:
1. No splinters, sharp edges or nails that can damage wire and cable sheathing
2. Resists the elements better to provide longer usage period
3. Lighter weight than steel or wood
4. Smooth payoff eases installation